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Hello and Happy Valentine!


My recovery is going well. 

I'm sorry that I don't update much as I used to. But I still create pixeling in 3 beautiful groups.

Let you know I remove guest book as I received too many of advertising comments! Who love to waste their time to post rubbish on my guest book?! lol


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Over the summer, I had a surgery but I still around in pixel world. 

Check my memberships where I am pixeling. 

I add new licence of Tati Pixel and the group, House of Paintpixeling.

Please respect artists and please dont steal their works. They worked hard to make. If you like theirs…

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Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Last year 2022 definitely kept me so busy with my brother's wedding and my health issue. 

But I'm back and always busy in pixel world. You can find me on PSP4 all group and The Pixel Palace forum.

I just joined another new forum, House of Paintpixeling. 

I ha…

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Hello! Some updates.


Sorry, I don't come online much but often busy away in Pixel World since!

This year is very busy for me with my brother's weddings in London, UK and Dubai, UAE plus my health issues. 

I have update memberships and licences that I bought to create beautiful sigs! Plus new works I have done…

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new works for January


Please check my new works that I done in January under PSP4all.

Have a wonderful day.

Happy New Year 2022

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2022. 

2021 was very crazy year! 

I have some good news which I will post new works and I joined new membership of My Pretty Pixel: 




I miss you but I still around and busy bee in pixel world. 

New works for September in PSP4All and Pixel Palace. 

Check them out before you leave!




Hope you all are keeping well. 

I hope Corovirus don't affect you. 

Don't let them beat you over! You are power and can beat them!

2020 is not what we expect. I'm glad its over and we are ready for another tough 2021. 

I hope new year 2021 brings you more happiness and is …

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Since Coronavirus take over our lives and the world and affect our mental health. 

So I am not in mood to update. Maybe next year. 


New work - Cathy

New work - Flowers

The Pixel Palace works

The Pixel Palace works

New work - Easter Bear

The Pixel Palace Calendar

New work - Easter

New work - Baily My Doodles

New work - Diana & Spring

New gift - St Pat

New works

For The Pixel Palace:


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